Even a planned pregnancy can feel like a surprise. While your pregnant partner lives the experience day-by-day, your experience is not that immediate. In the early days, neither the pregnancy nor the baby may seem real to you.

Additionally, fathers in general struggle for recognition as parents. They tend to be seen as helpmates and breadwinners, not as parents in their own right. Family and friends focus on the pregnant woman, and then on the baby, and it is natural for some Dads to feel excluded.

By staying connected to your partner and the pregnancy, the baby will seem more real to you. This will also help ease your own adjustment to fatherhood, and help others see you as a parent.


Beautiful family moment between expecing parents. Great detail. Shot in studio over white with the Canon 20D.


This section includes:

  • Being involved in the pregnancy
  • Healthy relationships
  • Transition to fatherhood
  • Early days as a new father
  • Support for Fatherhood