Knowing how a child typically grows, about meeting the developmental needs of a child at the earliest stages of development and how the brain works makes it easier to understand as a parent what you can do to support your child.


Be supported in your new parenting role and meet other new parents. Classes are evidence-informed topics of high interest to new parents; focused on promoting the well-being and resiliency of the child and increasing the capacity of a caregiver to parent.


Topics include:


  • Development of Sleep: How do I help my baby learn to sleep longer at night, have naps and learn to self soothe?


  • Discuss and learn about infant/and an older baby’s development of sleep patterns and how a parent can help a baby learn to sleep.


  • Starting Solid Foods, Teething & Oral Health: When do I start to offer my baby solid foods and what foods do I begin with first?


  • Learn about: Play, Physical Milestones, Social/Emotional/Cognitive Development, Safety, Common Illnesses and Childcare

Baby and You for Moms
A 4 week day time series for new mothers and babies between 8 weeks and 9 months. These fun and informative classes will help you understand your baby and your family, plus give you an opportunity to meet other new parents in your community.
$25 (4 classes x 2 hrs)

Daddies & Babies
A 2 week Saturday series for new fathers and babies between 8 weeks and 9 months. Bring your baby and meet with other new dads. Learn about your baby’s development, play, sleep, parenting and the challenges of being a new father. Just for dads!
$15 (2 classes x 2 hrs)

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